The Fifteenth session of the Southern National Congress will be held in Columbia, Tennessee on Saturday, 5 November 2022.

The bumbling mess that is called “an administration” continues to destroy the republic of our fathers and most state legislators don’t have the sense to stand up to the incompetence.
This year needs to be a watershed for Liberty in the Southern States. Come be a part of the discussion and action for our individual States’ sovereignty.
We are now in our second decade of working together. If you haven’t attended recently or have never previously applied, apply to be a delegate now!  Go to the Delegates page for the application.  Send it to our Chairman and he will forward it to the appropriate State delegation for approval.
Then register to attend SNC-15.


A streamlined SNC Constitution & Bylaws was adopted in 2018 at the Eleventh Session of the SNC Copies are available to every delegate. If you wish to receive a copy, it will be sent to you upon request. Just email and one will be on its way to you.