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In his monograph on "Secession and the Modern State," Professor Donald W. Livingston wrote,

History shows that the logic of the modern state is such that every attempt to limit its growth by reforming the center leads to an increase in its power.… Reagan and Margaret Thatcher sought to reduce the size of the central government; but when they left, its powers were much greater than before.

This blog is not about any reformation of the central government, rather it is about replacing it from the ground up.  It has lost its moral legitimacy by becoming an oppressive empire. Its time in the sun is gone. Smaller republics need to take its place. We are here to speak for the southern eastern States of the North American continent. This is the SNC Voice.


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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The South has a legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.  Charleston, SC had a huge number of French immigrants.  As well, Charleston was the home of the first Jewish synagogue organized on this continent.  It was the South that sent the first Jewish men to the U.S. Congress and it was the Confederacy that had the first Jewish cabinet member.  

     While initial conflicts occurred, the Irish and Scots eventually intermarried with native Americans. Tennesseans fought with Mexicans and others at the Alamo against Santa Anna. The French and Spanish influences in Louisiana cannot be ignored. There were never “ghettos” in Southern cities which were and are abundant in the cities of the North.

     The Africans which first arrived on our shores as objects of the Yankee slave trade also benefited from their treatment in the South. (I am not saying that slavery was a good thing.) The great majority of Southern slaveholders wished to see the Africans Christianized and educated.  It is an oft ignored fact that many of them were able to rise above slavery and become productive members of society in the South while they were being expelled from other regions of the Union.

     We should not be proud of the segregation, Jim Crow laws and resistance to integration that occurred in the last century, but I believe with legitimate investigation, you will find that inter-racial relations have consistently been better in the South than in Yankeedom.

     The fifth paragraph of the Southern National Covenant reads:

Before all the nations of the earth we affirm that we are a separate and distinct People, with an honourable heritage worthy of the respect of all mankind.  Bound together by a shared history, faith, and blood, we have endured hardship and tragedy but have also enjoyed the fruits of Christian civilisation built by God's grace and the works of our hands.  Under heaven, we possess the right to govern ourselves in our own land under our own laws, customs, and religion.

     Our “Christian civilisation built by God's grace and the works of our hands” includes all the peoples referenced above. Because we are at our roots “Christian,” we embrace the Scriptural record.  In Revelation (5:9), we find John’s description of worship in Heaven. John records: For You [Jesus] were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”

     We will worship for eternity with “every tribe and tongue and people and nation” in Heaven, so it would be best for us to recognize our responsibility to work together and develop a “Christian civilization” here and now.

     A true Southern Nationalist will include not divide; that is our legacy!


Posted on 08/29/2017 2:15 PM by David O Jones

Monday, 26 June 2017

The saddest comment in all of Scripture is uttered by a righteous King of Israel. Of that man it is said, “And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his father David had done.” (2 Kings 18:3) And “he did what was good and right and true before the Lord his God. And in every work that he began in the service of the house of God, in the law and in the commandment, to seek his God, he did it with all his heart. So he prospered.” (2 Chron.31:20,21) Yet he would be a disappointment.

In the first year of his reign, he had reversed the sinful spiral of Israel by repairing and reopening the Temple, by removing the “high places” and breaking and burning the idols which were on nearly every street corner in Jerusalem. He reinstituted the great feast of Passover with music and abundant sacrifice. Yet he would be a disappointment.

In the fourteenth year of his reign, “Sennacherib king of Assyria came up against all the fortified cities of Judah and took them.” His army then surrounded Jerusalem and its leaders taunted the residents with the threat of starvation and torture. The king called upon the Lord and the prophet Isaiah proclaimed deliverance. Hezekiah held fast in faith, yet he would be a disappointment.

The same year of this great military victory, Hezekiah fell ill and the prophet told him to set his house in order. The Scripture tells us that the King “turned his face toward the wall, and prayed to the Lord.” (2 Kings 20:2) God had the prophet return and inform him that he would be healed, but the kingdom would not last, that his descendants would be taken prisoners to a foreign land.

Isaiah (39:8) records the King’s response, “So Hezekiah said to Isaiah, ‘The word of the Lord which you have spoken is good!’ For he said, ‘At least there will be peace and truth in my days.’” And that is when he became a disappointment.

King Hezekiah did all the right things for all the right reasons with a heart right before the Lord. But he did it all for the present and had no regard for the future. He lived another fifteen years as a disappointment.

Recently someone posted on facebook the comment that he had spent too much time “reenacting” and too little time attending to the future. He was castigated for those remarks. But he was right. While we must remember our past, we must look to and prepare for our future.

Too many of our current crop of “patriots” are more concerned with reenacting and saving monuments than in preparing our people for the future generations. Remembering our past and preserving our monuments is important, but too many are willing to look good in the present without giving much effort for the future. As such, we are a disappointment.

Are we using our resources to provide an education of principles for our children and grandchildren or are we content to let the government propagandize them in their indoctrination centers?

Are we actively attempting to educate our local officials in constitutional, responsible governing and ordered Christian liberty?

The Southern National Congress is about preparing and doing for the future. It is about nurturing the concepts of liberty in ourselves and our neighbours. Become a part of the SNC as a delegate or contributor. We do not want to be a disappointment to ourselves, our posterity, nor our God.


Posted on 06/26/2017 5:00 PM by David O Jones

Monday, 05 June 2017

During election cycles, many politicians will make the charge that their opposition to the current president, senator, representative, etc. is doing such a poor job that they need to be replaced. Rather than focus on any other issue, they normally will hit pocketbook issues and complain that it is “all about the money.” I beg to differ.

During the month of May 2017, there was a heightened level of conflict surrounding the existence of monuments and memorials of and for Southern leaders and heroes.  But the real animosity and aggression is not about slavery or the Confederacy, but rather about defining what our culture should be.

Culture is defined as "the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.” The general culture of the Southern States was regarded as Christian because of the dominant Trinitarian faith of the founders of the Southern colonies which included the Virginian Episcopalians, the French Calvinists (Charlestown), the Scot-Irish Presbyterians, and the Spanish and French Catholics of Florida and Louisiana.

Christian Culture is one which regards God’s written Word as absolute and every person’s spoken word as their bond. Words have a specific meaning. Christian Culture recognizes the sovereignty of God above any sovereignty claimed by a man or his governments. Christian Culture appreciates all men as the crown of creation.

Our Christian culture has been eroded at an increasing pace for the last hundred years, but especially over the last forty to fifty.

As a part of Reconstruction, an education sponsored by the State was forced upon the South and it eventually worked its way through the other states as well. It was never “public” education, it was an education designed to make every child a productive “citizen” of the State. Our educational system was imported from Prussia where the ideal student was loyal to every decree of the state.

Those who fought against this revolution in education were marginalized. Through recent decades more and more parents have begun to see what has been happening, they have turned to church-related schools and to homeschooling. Some have met with success, others only white-washed the mental death camps to which everyone else sent their children.

Those in the public forum who wish to rewrite history in their own image now have an obedient army of minions who blindly follow their reactionary (revolutionary) leaders.

The biggest “swamps” which need to be drained are our own state departments of education. They need to be de-funded. Also, we need Southerners who will step forward to promote private schools which maintain a Biblical Christian worldview and promote the reestablishment of Christian Culture. And when private schools are not available, then parents need to teach their own children at home. They need to do a real gut-check and make the decision that their children and grand-children’s future is more important than a newer car or a bigger flat-screen.

Christian Culture is what is at stake. It is the responsibility of believers to bring its revival.


Posted on 06/05/2017 10:30 PM by David O Jones

Monday, 10 April 2017

Proclamation of the 14th of April 2017
As a Day of Repentance and Prayer
For the Southern Nation

Southerners! We have sinned against Almighty God.

The people of the South are a people who believe that the Lord reigns, and that His overruling Providence orders all things. Yet we have allowed ourselves to become lukewarm in our faithfulness to Almighty God. We have yielded ourselves to the false gods of self, entertainment, indulgence, sport and riches. We have trusted in the false gods of politics and business.

We are advised in Scripture: The LORD brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect. The counsel of the LORD stands forever, The plans of His heart to all generations.  Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.  (Psalm 33:10-12)

Why then do we presume to complain when we are chastened, or despair of our just cause of liberty, and the protection of our Heavenly father?

The season of our Lord's crucifixion and resurrection is upon us.  He has decreed: No king is saved by the multitude of an army; A mighty man is not delivered by great strength.  A horse is a vain hope for safety; Neither shall it deliver any by its great strength.  (Psalm 33:16-17)

Let us now receive in humble thankfulness the lessons which He teaches us, devoutly acknowledging that to Him, and not to our own feeble arms, are due the honor and the glory of victory; that from Him, in His paternal providence, come the anguish and sufferings of defeats and failures, and that, whether in victory or defeat, our humble supplications are due at His footstool.

The Southern National Congress recognizes that we must unite in prayer and humble submission under His chastening hand, and to beseech His favor on our suffering Southland.

Therefore in humble dependence and trust upon Almighty God, as Chairman of the Southern National Congress, I do issue this proclamation setting apart Good Friday, the 14th day of April 2017, as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer; and I do hereby invite the people of the Southern States to repair on that day to their respective places of public worship. And to unite in supplication for the favor and protection of that God who has hitherto conducted us safely through all the dangers that attended us.

We also call upon the Governors, Legislatures, Clergy and Congregations of the Southern States to join in proclaiming and observing the appointed day of repentance and prayer for the Southern Nation.

From Solitude,
David O Jones, SNC Chairman


Posted on 04/10/2017 11:30 AM by David O Jones

Friday, 31 March 2017

In my 3 December 2016 blog entitled “Deliver Us From This Evil,” I reminded everyone of the enormous debt which has been placed and continues to be placed on the shoulders of every citizen of the Empire. For your convenience and terror, I included a link to the US Debt Clock.

An equally serious evil which continues to plague us is that of unchecked immigration. Our Southern National Covenant states,

The federal regime has loosed upon us floods of immigrants, strangers to our laws and language embodying cultures and values contrary to those upon which our nation was founded, who are displacing us on the soil our fathers won with their sweat and blood.

We are living under even more evil.

Many misguided Southerners have recently placed their hopes on a Yankee businessman in the presidency. We must be constantly reminded that although the POTUS may act and pontificate like a “good guy,” he is not. He still subjects himself to the whims of a judiciary, bureaucracy, and legislature which long ago departed from any allegiance to the constitution or even simple logic. The SYSTEM is the problem and as long as Southerners live under that system, we will all continue to be the slaves of the system. (Be aware that Lincoln did not free any slaves, rather he made slaves of us all by forcing us into union.)

Fomenting hostility between the races and regions, our rulers have destroyed hope and spread despair. Injustice, tyranny, corruption, and deceit are the hallmarks of their governing. They call good evil and evil good, the recompense for which is divine judgment.

We are experiencing even more evil.

In my half-a-century of social and political activity, I have never seen the magnitude of hostility between the races and regions which exists at this moment. Political and social demagogues as well as a number of Marxist activists have created a near-to-boiling cauldron of animosity. The South has traditionally been a stronghold of Christian compassion which rejected this tension, but under the compulsion of the Empire, Southerners have left their Biblical moorings.

Accelerated by dishonesty and corruption at every level of society and swept along by daily torrent of official lies, America is plunging toward the abyss. We [Southerners] watch transfixed with horror at the destruction of a once free and prosperous country and are forced to acknowledge the American political and economic system is no longer sustainable. It has become a long train of abuses, evidencing a design to reduce us under absolute despotism. Thus it cannot be salvaged or redeemed, only replaced.

We must correct this evil in our own States.

The Southern States must become independent of the Columbian Empire. It is time to be self-governing and self-supporting and leaders of an ordered Christian liberty.

From Solitude,
David O Jones, SNC Chairman


Posted on 03/31/2017 1:40 PM by David O Jones

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The inauguration of Donald Trump is being hailed as a victory by conservatives but his elevation to Emperor will be a disappointment. Don’t hold your breath for the good times to be rolling in.

Trump in the Oval Office will be a disappointment to conservatives, and to Southerners, and especially to those who desire true liberty. Don’t hold your breath.

On Friday afternoon following Trump’s speech, Paul Craig Roberts posted a blog in which he called the speech “a declaration of war against the entirety of the American Ruling Establishment.”

The problem we all face is the entrenchment of the established power structures which will not take kindly to Mr. Trump’s challenges. The election put a new man in the White House, but the “powerful networks are still in place.”

Roberts’ blog provides a brief list of his enemies:

  • the executives and shareholders of global corporations enriched by the offshored jobs that Trump says he will bring home,
  • the military/security complex which has a 1,000 billion annual budget dependent on “the Russian threat,”
  • the many Europeans who owe their prestige, power, and incomes to the NATO that Trump has called into question,
  • and last but not least, the financial sector with their agent, the Federal Reserve, which can overwhelm Trump and the public with financial crisis.

Trump may have declared war upon these powers-that-be, but no emperor of the Columbian (D.C.) Empire can truly defeat any one of them. Any every one of these has been known to see major roadblocks to their increased power eliminated.

When bullies rule and you have no chance of defeating them, you just get out of their way.

The only legitimate and logical solution to the problems which face us all is to separate from the Empire. Each State must secede. The powers-that-be have their power centralized, but they could not successfully continue to exercise dominion over a multitude of States.

But don’t hold your breath, most Southern politicians still labour under the illusion that they have more freedom within the Empire than without.

Don't hold your breath for any resistance from our "leaders."



Posted on 01/24/2017 4:00 PM by David O Jones

Sunday, 01 January 2017

The following are words provided by a true Southerner trapped north of the Mason-Dixon.

In the South we are fond of tradition and one of the New Year's day traditions which we observe is the eating of Black-eyed Peas, also known in the South as Cow Peas.

Tradition's purpose is to help us remember and it serves to teach those who were too young to witness the original lesson that was so important to our ancestors.

So what's so important about Black-eyed Peas? What lesson could that humble little pea possibly teach us? Here is the little story.

The Cow Pea was brought to the shores of North America in the late 1600s. It was not considered a food source for humans, hence the name, Cow Peas. They were grown for feeding livestock. That was, until the turbulent period between 1861 and 1865 when Southerners were fighting for the independence of their Southland.

During this time the US Army had the custom of burning everything in its path that it couldn't steal and use for itself or ship North. Cash crops like cotton and tobacco were often burned to prevent its use in funding the Confederate cause. The burning of food crops often led to the intentional starvation deaths of thousands of Southern women and children. One crop that was often overlooked was the Cow Pea. It was just an animal feed and with the animals stolen and shipped North or shot and left to rot where they fell, what was the sense in expending the time and manpower in burning a useless livestock feed crop?

During the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi the ravaging horde of United States troops burned every food crop surrounding the city that their vandal torches could touch. Every available food source for the citizens of Vicksburg, animal or vegetable was laid waste. The patriotic citizens held out for as long as possible eating shoe leather and rat meat. If an artillery mule was accidentally killed by an incoming federal shell, its meat barely had time to cool before it was cut up and distributed to the starving civilians and soldiers in the city. The shelling was so thick from the federal guns that the citizens took to living in dank and filthy bomb-proof caves cut from dirt banks. Disease took its toll along with starvation. No doubt, the prayers rose thickly to Heaven from Vicksburg during that brutal siege and prayers were answered. It was discovered that the Cow Peas were still available and they didn't taste so bad when you're hungry. The dried peas were ground into flower and mixed with water to make bread. They weren't too bad just boiled in water or even eaten raw. The threat of death from starvation has a way of making things look different. I know it's hard to imagine anyone turning up their nose at Black-eyed Peas today but back then it would have been like asking someone to eat dried dog food.

Even though the city of Vicksburg eventually fell to the forces of federal despotism, the lives of many Southerners were spared due to the little Cow Pea. This scene was played out all across the South, especially in the swath of desolation cut by Sherman in his vindictive march to the sea.

But what has the little Cow Pea taught us? Why have we remembered it every year since the close of that war so long ago? Many people will just tell you that eating Black-eyed Peas will bring you good luck, but for our Southern ancestors it wasn't about good luck.

The Cow Pea reminded us that God never places a burden on us too great to bear and he always leaves a way out to the faithful. It was a lesson in humility. Sometimes the way out is to humble ourselves. The Cow Pea showed us that we can adapt and persevere in the face of death and overwhelming odds. It gave us hope when all hope had fled. It was a symbol of strength in that the small and insignificant can confound the strong and mighty.

And there are other things the little pea taught us. Our fathers wanted us to remember the importance of liberty through Southern independence. To them, it was worth every deprivation imaginable. It was worth starvation and disease. It was worth dismemberment, blindness and other horrific wounds on the battlefield and slow death. It was worth the risk of rotting in a government prison. It was worth losing all your worldly possessions. Liberty at every cost save the loss of honor because the alternative was slavery under a despotic government.

So every New Year's Day, when you hoist a forkful of Black-eyes Peas, think about this; Are we more free today than our ancestors over 150 years ago? If you say yes, go back to sleep. If you say no, prepare with me for hard times and sacrifice.

Happy New Year.


Posted on 01/01/2017 9:12 PM by David O Jones

Saturday, 03 December 2016

Our Southern National Covenant is more than an oath of loyalty to each other and our culture, it is also a statement of the evils which have permeated and seized what remains of the Republic.

Our political leaders, setting themselves above the law, have forged an unholy alliance with large corporations and the international money cartel.  These elites have purchased the lawmakers who are sworn to serve the People, enabling them to expropriate our wealth in the greatest act of plunder in human history.  Through threat of force, government seizes half of all we make for taxes, yet it is still not enough to satisfy the vaulting greed of our rulers.  Thus government spends staggering sums above its revenues, saddling our People with debt so colossal that it cannot be repaid to the fifth generation.  (Read the entire Covenant)

Prior to the recent election, there were many observations and accusations about various individuals who not only considered themselves above the Law, but who received little significant attention from prosecutors. "Our political leaders, setting themselves above the law, have forged an unholy alliance with large corporations and the international money cartel."

There are those who naively believe that a new administration in the District of Columbia will provide better legal oversight. But does anyone really believe that a man who became a billionaire in real estate in New York City is not already bought and paid for by the banking institutions which he has dealt with for years? "These elites have purchased the lawmakers who are sworn to serve the People, enabling them to expropriate our wealth in the greatest act of plunder in human history."

This is evil.   

The various "quantitative easing" which has been provided to the "too-big-to-fail" banks and corporations requires payments by someone. That someone is us, the taxpayer! "Through threat of force, government seizes half of all we make for taxes, yet it is still not enough to satisfy the vaulting greed of our rulers." Unsure of your obligation to the Columbian Empire? Check out the US Debt Clock.

This is evil.

The interest on our government debt consumes over two-thirds of the national revenue. (Again refer to the Debt Clock.) Consider the fact that government debt adds to corporate debt and then to every family's personal debt. Then understand that the only producer for payment of that debt is the citizen who is supposed to be the beneficiary of the spending which created that debt.  "Thus government spends staggering sums above its revenues, saddling our People with debt so colossal that it cannot be repaid to the fifth generation."

This is evil.

The Southern National Congress believes that smaller government, closer to our people will better serve our people. Our desire is for our State legislators to come to a firm understanding of their responsibility to protect our people from such evil. We desire independence from the Empire.

Deliver us from this evil!


Posted on 12/03/2016 2:31 PM by David O Jones

Monday, 07 November 2016

Well, of course, you talk all the right talk, but do you do anything?

As Chairman of the Southern National Congress, I have people say this to me more often than I would like. But then in talking with the leadership of other organizations, they hear the same comment.

"Do you do anything?" is a legitimate question. With limited resources and time, none of us want to commit either to a group or an organization which is simply looking good while marking time.

The SNC is composed entirely of volunteers men and women who have lives filled with family, church, work and other priorities. Sometimes they don't get to do everything they wish to do, after all, they also need to sleep a few hours each day. There are times when weeks go by and they are only able to do a little something.

"Do you do anything?" is a question we should ask ourselves as we look in the mirror.

Years ago I heard the statement… If it is to be, it's up to me. So I do as much as I can and have no regrets about not doing what I can't.

The Southern National Congress fulfills a unique position in the Southern Independence movement. We are positioning ourselves to help our individual State legislators develop an understanding of liberty and independence apart from the Columbian Empire (that one located in the District of Columbia). This can sometimes be a mind-numbing experience.

"Do you do anything?" The answer is "yes." We continue to develop alternative methods of communicating our message.

Take notice. We do not depend on either national or local media to help us. Most reporters follow standards of newsworthiness and objectivity which do not match our own. As a result, for the SNC to rely on media promotion would be risky. You will probably not hear of us there.

Our experience has been that the SNC's message is filtered through journalistic lenses which do not represent our actual view of the issues…or even what the real issues are.

Every like-minded Southerner can become a part of the activities of the SNC-either by becoming a delegate or by involving themselves in activities in their own State. It's not too late to attend SNC-9 in Chattanooga this weekend.

"Do you do anything?" Let me turn the question around. Do you? Do you contribute to the SNC? Do you participate on any level? Do you?

Posted on 11/07/2016 2:20 PM by David O Jones

Monday, 31 October 2016

Next Tuesday, obedient sheeple of the Empire will vote on their choice of Leader of the next four years.

At the second session of the Southern National Congress in September of 2009, the delegates agreed upon and signed the Southern National Covenant. As a measure of their commitment, some sealed their signature with their own blood. The first paragraph of the Covenant states:

Our forefathers' worst nightmare has now come upon us.  They created a free government, limited in its powers and a servant to the people.  But today the United States has become an empire, fast decaying into tyranny; and we their children have become strangers and subjects in the land our fathers won.  Instead of a free and just social and political order, today we are threatened by a Godless national culture and a corrupt, despotic federal government that knows no limits to its power.  (Read the entire Covenant here)

Many are hopeful of greater liberty within the Empire if the right person gets elected. Unfortunately, that will not happen.

During 2015, the Federal Register expanded by 81,611 pages of new bureaucratic regulations making with a total of 3,378 new rules being finalized. There were an additional 2334 rules proposed and in various stages of consideration. (source: The Hill) That is a sum of 325 pages and 13.5 new rules each work day. And established by bureaucrats which no one will ever vote for or against.

We are seven years further down the road and the nightmare continues to become worse. No leader will ever overcome the momentum of that kind of Empire.

No leader will save us. There is no group of Avengers or Justice League with a Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman ready to take on the enemies of "truth, justice and the American way." There is only you and I.

It is we who "have become strangers and subjects in the land our fathers won."  It is we who must win again the free government our fathers won.

It is we who "are threatened by a Godless national culture and a corrupt, despotic federal government that knows no limits to its power."

It is we who must remove ourselves and our States from the tyranny of the Empire in order to create "a free and just social and political order" for ourselves.

Start by being an active supporter of the SNC by your financial help (Join & Support) and your attendance at the Congress (SNC-9) in Chattanooga or at an event in your State.


Posted on 10/31/2016 1:15 AM by David O Jones

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Never has declaring our States' independence been more important than now.

The term "secession" has been given a bad rap for much too long. It's time!

We've been told that our secession was about as likely as the Chicago Cubs going to the World Series… oh, wait, the Cubs ARE going to the World Series. Maybe our time is now too.

The ninth session of the Southern National Congress is being held in Chattanooga on the Friday and Saturday following the presidential election. If you are truly interested in your independence, register either as a delegate or observer, but be there!  Go to

Our time is NOW!


Posted on 10/23/2016 1:48 PM by David O Jones

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

While many are for the absolute independence of the Southern people, we must recognize that independence will only happen State by State one by one.

Talk of Southern independence is all great and wonderful. But speaking in generalities allows most people the excuse for someone else to make it happen.

Following the sorry election of 1860 and Lincoln's ascension to the presidency, it took the action of South Carolina on 20 December to lead the other States in secession. Mississippi, Florida and Alabama followed on 10, 11 & 12 January respectively. Georgia and Louisiana later in the month and Texas on 1 February.

From December 1860 until February 1861, seven southern States by their individual and unilateral action declared their separation from and independence of the federal Union. Only then was a confederacy formed. Until then, each State legislature and their people had to recognize that they might be the sole recipient of any Union retaliation. While they had allies in philosophy, they might end up standing alone in a fight.

The Empire's election for a new Führer this November will be the cause of both elation and furor across the continent. Our State legislatures must prepare themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically for separation from the disaster which the Empire has become.

The separation can only happen State by State one by one.

Are you prepared to help your State make the separation? The Southern National Congress is the only forum available for the activists in the southern States to exchange ideas and tactics. If you do not represent your State, who will?

The ninth session of the SNC meets in November, the weekend immediately following the election. Will your State be sufficiently represented? Are you willing to step up and be counted in favour of ordered Christian liberty in your State? Are you willing to make any sacrifice and recognize your personal responsibility for liberty?

Not only States must act one by one, we as individuals must act one by one.

There is still time to become a delegate, to register your attendance, and reserve your room at the hotel in Chattanooga. The instructions on all this are on our website

Rooms at a discounted price are available only through Wednesday, 12 October. Do it now!!

Our liberty will only be won one by one.


Posted on 10/11/2016 12:00 PM by David O Jones

Monday, 03 October 2016

Fixing Blame or Taking Responsibility?

Fixing blame is what we do best. Taking responsibility seldom occurs to us.

It is human nature to resist admitting our own failures. We would much rather fix the blame on something or someone else. It all started in the Garden when God challenged Adam. He said, "The woman you gave me did it." Eve then took her cue from Adam and said, "The serpent (Devil) made me do it."

Today we criticize the lack of justice in the criminal system; we complain about the out-of-control spending in Congress; we condemn the unilateral actions of the President. Everything wrong in our lives is due to someone else. We are certainly just in all our actions, have our spending under control, and never hurt others by seeking our own pleasure.

We are practiced at fixing blame.

Years ago, a London newspaper asked its readers to give their opinion on "What's Wrong with the World?"  Many responded with lengthy essays fixing the blame on various causes. But journalist, lay theologian, literary and art critic, G.K. Chesterton replied, "Dear Sir: Regarding your article 'What's Wrong with the World?' I am. Yours truly, G.K. Chesterton."

A firm note of honesty amongst a wave of finger pointing. "I am." He took responsibility.

We are more attentive and excited about SEC sports than the loss of our personal liberties. The rule changes of NASCAR officials draw more attention than the actions of our elected officials. The media spends more time concerning the ridiculous actions of a second-string NFL player than on the traitorous actions of high government officials…and we go along with the finger pointing.
We are so practiced at fixing blame.

We will criticize the actions of those who would destroy our heritage and symbols while we do not accept any responsibility and sit at home watching our wide-screens while those officials are being elected.

Taking responsibility seldom occurs to us.

Black Lives Matter is all about placing blame on white people. They learned their lesson well from white folk. White folk have been fixing blame on other groups or other classes of white folk for a long time.

It is time to take responsibility.

The Southern National Congress is all about encouraging and helping our State legislators clean up their (and our) act. To effectively accomplish our goals of liberty and independence for our Southern States, we need more men and women who will take responsibility-who will get involved in the process; who will give of themselves and their substance to make our goals a reality.

As I said at the beginning Fixing blame is what we do best. Taking responsibility seldom occurs to us. Walt Kelly's cartoon character Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." We are our own worst enemies as long as we fix blame on others.

Resolve today to take responsibility and become active with the Southern National Congress.

Join and Support



Posted on 10/03/2016 3:35 PM by David O Jones

Friday, 23 September 2016

Finally, the South also has a legacy of original political thought and cultural commentary. This is in addition to the first two legacies: the fine arts, and welcoming and integrating outer races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture. We stand proud.

Southerners Patrick Henry, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, and others gave us our founding documents and much of the political thought behind them.  Also John C. Calhoun of South Carolina gave us A Disquisition on Government, which presented the concept of "the concurrent majority." For all these men, we stand proud.

In addition, the most significant political thinkers for today are what we call "the Southern Agrarians."
Agrarianism as is defined internationally as a form of socialist land redistribution, but that is NOT-I repeat NOT-the definition given of Southern Agrarians. The Southern Agrarians defined the term as having an attachment to a more relaxed agricultural life-style which promoted community, faith, and mutual support.

Some of the men who have provided the South with our intellectual legacy: Frank Owsley, Andrew Lytle, Donald Davidson, Melvin "Mel" Bradford, Richard M. Weaver, and Clyde N. Wilson.

Frank Owsley (1890 1956) was an historian who taught at Vanderbilt University, where he specialized in southern history. In 1949 he began a tenure at the University of Alabama.

Andrew Lytle (1902 1995) was a novelist, dramatist, essayist and professor of literature. He taught first at the University of the South in Sewanee, then at Southeastern College (now Rhodes) in Memphis, and at the University of Florida. Lytle returned to the University of the South in 1961 to teach creative writing and literature until his retirement in 1973.

Donald Davidson (1893 1968) was a poet, essayist, social and literary critic, and author. He taught literature at Vanderbilt University. Davidson is best known as a founding member of the Nashville circle of poets known as the Fugitives and the overlapping group, the Southern Agrarians.

Davidson encouraged Americans to embrace their identities as "Rebels, Yankees, Westerners, New Englanders or what you will, bound by ties more generous than abstract institutions can express, rather than citizens of an Americanized nowhere, without family, kin, or home."

For the Agrarians, we stand proud.

Richard M. Weaver (1910 1963) attended the University of Kentucky. His master's in English at Vanderbilt University was under the supervision of John Crowe Ransom (another Agrarian). It was at Vanderbilt that Weaver embraced to philosophy of the Agrarians and thus became a member of the "second generation." 

He at Auburn University, at Texas A&M University, then began a Ph.D. in English at Louisiana State University, whose faculty included Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren (both Agrarians). His Ph.D. was awarded in 1943 for a thesis titled The Confederate South, 1865-1910: A Study in the Survival of a Mind and a Culture. It was published in 1968, after he died, under the title The Southern Tradition at Bay.

He is primarily known as a shaper of mid- 20th century conservatism and for his books Ideas Have Consequences and The Ethics of Rhetoric. Weaver claimed that the South was the "last non-materialist civilization in the Western World."

Melvin "Mel" Bradford (1934 1993) was a conservative political commentator and professor of literature at the University of Dallas. He saw himself as part of the greater Southern culture. He did his doctorate under Donald Davidson, and thus was a "second generation" Agrarian.

Bradford specialized in the history of the American founding and Southern history in the United States. He also advocated the constitutional theory of strict constructionism.

Dr. Cylde Wilson (b.1941) is Professor Emeritus of history at the University of South Carolina. He received the Ph.D. in History from the University of North Carolina and then began his tenure with the University of South Carolina.

In 1977 Wilson become editor of The Papers of John C. Calhoun. As an intellectual heir of Richard Weaver and the Southern Agrarians, Wilson brought together the book Why the South Will Survive, by Fifteen Southerners, a fiftieth anniversary restatement of the Agrarian message of I'll Take My Stand.

Dr. Wilson has contributed more than 400 articles, essays, and reviews to a wide variety of academic and popular books and publications. He has lectured extensively across the U.S. to scholarly, heritage, and political groups. He also has liberally given his advice and wisdom in the founding of the Southern National Congress.

With Weaver, Bradford and Wilson, we stand proud.

Many native Southerners have accepted the Yankee lies as truth. They hang their heads and allow abuse of the South and of Southerners to continue.

Join the Southern National Congress and stand proud with us.

Go here.


Posted on 09/23/2016 1:45 PM by David O Jones

Sunday, 18 September 2016

In my previous blog, "Resist or Die" on 9 September, I wrote that the South has a lot to be proud of.

When I teach young people about the South, I identify three legacies of the South. The first was mentioned in that blog the South has a legacy of the fine arts.

The second legacy causes a bit of consternation, considering that tremendous roar of the media, academia and government. The exalted trinity of the left with great conviction and volume repeat the "big lie" of racism in the South.  Evidence points to the contrary.

The South has a legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.  It is only in Northern cities that we can identify the ghettos of various nationalities black, Irish, Chinese, Greek, Italian, etc. That never happened in the South.

Charleston, South Carolina had a huge number of French immigrants. Some of my own ancestors were French Huguenots who settled in North Carolina, took up farming and donated land for a church which is still thriving today.

As well, Charleston was the home of the first Jewish synagogue organized on this continent.  It was the South that sent the first Jewish man to the U.S. Congress and it was the Confederacy that had the first Jewish cabinet member.

The Scots and the Irish who settled the back country were the exception. Not easily accepted by the English of the coastal areas, but they accepted everyone else.

Today's illegal immigrants charge that northern Mexico was "stolen." Evidence points to the contrary.

Mexicans fought with the Tennesseans and others at the Alamo against Santa Anna. Side-by-side they settled the wide expanse of Texas. They considered themselves neither American nor Mexican, but Texican.

Both the French and Spanish influences in Louisiana are evident to all in both music and cuisine. The Cherokee and other native americans intermarried with the immigrants.

The South is supposed to be the most racist area of the continent. Evidence points to the contrary.

The Africans which first arrived on our shores as objects of the slave trade also benefited from their treatment in the South. Contrary to popular propaganda, the great majority of Southern slaveholders wished to see them Christianized and educated.  Even prior to The War many of the Negro race were able to rise above slavery and become productive members of society in the South while they were expelled from northern States.  (more info)   Segregation and Jim Crow laws and the resistance to integration that occurred in the last century, upon legitimate investigation, will reveal that many of the problems between the races in the South were as the result of Northern influences.

With little more than a cursory review of our Southern history, it can be determined that the South has a wonderful legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.

The evidence points to it.


Posted on 09/18/2016 7:23 PM by David O Jones

Friday, 09 September 2016

The South is the victim of another a third wave of conquest. We must resist or we will all die.

Frank Owsley in "The Irrepressible Conflict" (chapter 3 of I'll Take My Stand) speaks of "a second war of conquest, the conquest of the Southern mind, calculated to remake every Southern opinion, to impose the Northern way of life and thought upon the South."

Reconstruction  began an endeavor by the media, academia, and government which was intended to erase the thought, the culture, and especially the Christianity of the South.

The pogrom continues. Today, Southerners have become the brunt of every joke about ignorance, incest, and abuse of others. Owsley wrote, "But a people cannot live under condemnation and upon the philosophy of their conquerors. Either they must ultimately come to scorn the condemnation and the philosophy of those who thrust these things upon them, or their soul should and will perish."

We must resist or we will all die.

In the third wave, the exalted trinity controlled by the left media, academia & government vilify the South and Southerners. They have taken our industry and given it to others; they have decreed which words and ideas are acceptable; they have attacked the Church by forcing unacceptance, ungodly practices; and they increasingly speak ill of Southern symbols and institutions.

The South has a lot to be proud of.

The South has a legacy of the fine arts.  The best of literature and authors on this continent came from the South. Every genre of popular American music has its origins in the South.
The South is not a cultural wasteland as most in the media would have us believe.  Shakespeare and operas were being performed in the colonial South long before they hit Boston, Philadelphia or New York. One of the four "olympic style" ballet competitions sanctioned by the International Dance Committee
( is held in Jackson, Mississippi-the others are held in Bulgaria, Russia and Japan.   

The South also has a legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.  

As well, the South also has a legacy of original political thought which cannot be challenged by the North. These two legacies will be addressed in future blogs.

Southerners must resist this onslaught of tyranny birthed in the media, academia & government.

We must resist or we will all die.

The Southern National Congress is all about resisting the destruction of our heritage and our culture. We convene again in November. Should you be a delegate from your State? Go to our Join Us page to see the requirements for application. Or support the SNC by being an Observer at SNC-9.


Posted on 09/09/2016 4:07 PM by David O Jones

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

by SNC Vice-Chairman Mark Thomey

I'd like to offer some thoughts about the recent shootings of police officers that have taken place.

I consider myself a 'law-and-order' kind of guy, and I generally respect the job done by law enforcement agents, as it is dangerous - more so now days than in times past.

I certainly do NOT condone the premeditated murder of anyone regardless of their particular vocation in life; however, I do not set a higher value on the lives of government law enforcers simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge, and I certainly do not consider them 'above the law' themselves simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge. And contrary to popular opinion these days, I do not consider all of them to be 'heroes' simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge. A man should not be called a hero until he actually does something heroic. Getting up and doing your job every day is not a heroic act, per se. Saving someone from a burning building at the risk of your own life, for example, is heroic. To call people heroes simply because they don a uniform and wear a badge is an insult to people who do perform truly heroic acts.

That being said, if you are paying attention, you can not help but notice the sharp uptick in the militarization of local and State police forces coupled with an increase in their inclination to act more like John Rambo than Andy Taylor. Most cops now days look more like they are going on a military campaign, complete with kevlar helmets, body armor, automatic weapons, and armored vehicles. It's getting harder to tell the difference between your local patrolman and someone in the 101st Airborne Division. Being confronted by a heavily armed soldier during a traffic stop is certainly more unnerving than seeing a peace officer in trousers, shirt, and smokey the bear hat approaching your vehicle. As I said, I'm a law-and-order guy, but this trend should be of concern to any reasonable person.

If the old saying about clothes making the man has any merit, then the previous paragraph should help to explain the increase in a 'harass and intimidate', as opposed to a 'protect and serve', attitude on the part of an increasing number of law enforcement agents. I've seen an alarming number of videos online over the last couple of years where folks are beaten, tazed, bloodied, and sometime killed over mundane things like wanting to know why they're being detained, or asserting their rights (which the 'law' is supposed to protect). It is for this reason that I most definitely DISAGREE with a recent comment by someone from the political class that it is never Ok to resist the police. Excuse me? If I'm not being belligerent and some cop wants to throw a beating on me, I believe I am morally and legally justified in defending myself from his 'cruel and unusual punishment'. The same holds true if I'm facing government violence against my person or property over one of their 'laws' that is contrary to Divine and/or Natural law. The Church teaches us that an unjust law is no law at all, and does not need to be complied with. To be clear, if you've been peacefully apprised of your offense, or asked to follow a reasonable and legal/just order, and then you forcibly resist, I have no problem with the cops subduing you with whatever force is required to gain compliance. And if, under said circumstances, you shoot at them, then don't be surprised when they shoot back, and any claims of, 'he didn do nuffin wrong' ring hollow.

And when a citizen is abused or killed by a law enforcement agent, there should be an independent investigation by a grand jury or some other legally constituted investigative body besides the police department. The ancient Greeks asked, who guards the guards? I'm sure I'd get a much friendlier hearing before members of my own family for some transgression than I would from an impartial group of folks to whom I'm not related either by blood or by profession. Too many times, the guards find themselves justified and innocent of wrongdoing when bad things happen to folks other than the guards. I fully realize we live in an imperfect world, and things will not always go the way we would like, but independent investigations would do a lot to restore the confidence and trust in law enforcement agents and the governments they serve that much of the public has lost as of late.

When government oppresses the people with a plethora of stupid, needless and unjust 'laws', and the solons and their enforcers become jackbooted thugs who play by a different set of rules than the ones they foist upon us, they shouldn't be surprised when people become disenchanted, angry, suspicious and rebellious. Again, I am in no way justifying or excusing barbaric or unjust acts of premeditated violence against just and legitimate authority, but I am promoting and suggesting righteous and just self-defense against unjust aggression, tyranny, and barbarity by 'the authorities'. I say this because while most of us are not part of the BLM/NBPP/social justice warrior/antifa types who are causing so much mayhem and anger right now, we are most definitely part of that class (white, Christian Southrons who dare to defend our rights, blood and soil) that some of those Ramboesque agents will be sent to disarm, arrest, and imprison - or worse. The door swings both ways Mr Policeman. So give some thought to what orders you are going to obey.

I'm sure a number of those who read this will take exception and have harsh things to say to me for having written it. That's fine. I have a thick skin. Names don't bother me. But I thought just a little bit of balance to the issue was needed. There are lots of ways the government agents could take things down a notch or two (or three or four) and still do their jobs safely and effectively.


Posted on 07/19/2016 11:36 AM by Mark A Thomey

Monday, 27 June 2016

We must narrow our focus.

In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Act IV, Scene III, Brutus speaks:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

With the BREXIT vote in England, the tide may be rising (flood tide). This may very well be the opportunity so many of us have been waiting for. Shall we grasp it, or continue to spew rhetoric and memes?

Most all of the voices I hear urging independence from the Empire, speak of the South and not of their own State. The South can be described as a state of mind or a feeling, but the South does not have a definitive boundary. Each State does! As the Southern National Congress was formed, there was a prolonged discussion as to which States should be members of the Congress. Maryland was included; Oklahoma was not. Were the arguments legitimate and the decisions correct? Your opinion is as good as anyone else's.

Our problem at this juncture lies in a lack of focus. As long as we keep our attention on freeing the South we will have no results, only frustration. We who desire liberty need to narrow our focus to our specific State. Those who live in Georgia need to focus on Georgia's independence; those who live in Alabama need to focus on Alabama's independence; those who live in Tennessee need to focus on Tennessee's independence; and so to every State and their residents.

We need to narrow our focus to the office holders.  Do you know the office holder in your State who might be influential in achieving your State's independence? Do they know you? When the Empire falls apart, will you be someone that the officials and media will turn to for instruction and guidance?

I refer quite often to the book Vindiciae Contra Tyrranos. It was first written circa 1579 by a Frenchman. Its importance is such that it was held by John Adams to be one of the most influential books in America on the eve of the American War for Independence. Vindiciae held among other things, that any ruler who commands anything contrary to the law of God thereby forfeits his realm.

This work was two hundred years old when it influenced the colonial leaders. It was influential because truth never loses its significance nor its positive influence when implemented. Today we are another two hundred years away from its authorship. Ideas have consequences and Biblical ideas have eternal consequences. The author writes:

The situation is such that the outrageousness of kings together with the ignorance of some and the wicked cooperation of others has existed for such a length of time that throughout the world, the people have quietly ceased to exercise, if not altogether lost their just and age-old authority. The liberty that all men should be preserving is instead neglected by every man. Since liberty is the responsibility of the people in general, no man individually thinks of it as his personal responsibility.

We have come to the point in history which requires that every man (and woman) individually think of liberty as their personal responsibility. Do you know the influential (or potentially influential) officials in your State? Do they know you? Are you presenting a reasoned voice to the people of influence around you?

If not, begin. If you are not active with your State's delegation to the SNC, then narrow your focus and become active. We are in flood tide. The affairs of men are beginning to go the way of liberty. Narrow your focus!



Posted on 06/27/2016 1:00 AM by David O Jones

Monday, 23 May 2016

Last week (Thursday, 19 May), the House of Representatives in Washington voted to ban the use of the Confederate Battle Flag in VA cemeteries. A sad day for American history.

The 2017 VA funding bill was amended by Rep. Jared Huffman, a Democrat from California. The VA currently permits the display of the Confederate flag on Memorial Day as well as on Confederate Memorial Day at 131 facilities.

Huffman's district stretches along the Pacific coastline from the Oregon border south to San Francisco. There is one VA cemetery in his district. On the other hand there are seventy-three VA cemeteries in the fourteen States represented in the Southern National Congress. That makes 55.7% of the cemeteries affected by this sorry piece of legislation in the South, including that one so conveniently placed on Arlington, the Custis Plantation, the ancestral home of Mary Custis Lee (Robert E. Lee's wife). That was another sad day in American history.

The vote was by roll call. The final tally was 265 Yeas, 159 Nays, 1 voting Present, and 8 not voting. Of the votes cast, 62.5% favoured the Prohibition; 37.5% favoured keeping our Southern symbol flying.

Separating the fourteen States of the SNC from the rest of the Empire, the vote was completely reversed. Of seventy-three Southern votes cast, only 37.6 favoured the Prohibition; 62.4% favoured keeping the Battle Flag flying.

The South has lived under occupational military force since 1865 and some have gotten comfortable with the situation. The State delegations of Maryland and Florida were the only southern ones to side with the Empire. But we recognize that Maryland has become a Yankee clone and Florida suffers under the mass immigration of despotic Yankees and hand-out dependent Cubans and Mexicans.

Thirty-eight States have decreed what twelve States can do. We could have been protected with the use of a "concurrent minority" which was touted by Calhoun. But that option is not allowed by the Empire.

So our only real protection from such tyranny is a complete and immediate withdrawal from the Columbian (D.C.) Empire. That will be a great day in American history.

I recently had a business leader post this statement, "Most people would rather live with comfortable lies than uncomfortable truths." (He wasn't agreeing with Al Gore.) He was referring to the majority of men who hide behind their beer and baseball games; to that majority who are quick to reflect on football stats and who is the best team in the SEC, but don't have the slightest idea of how much liberty "their" government has taken from them in the last year.

We need Southern men (and women) who would lay everything on table; willing to sacrifice their all for the future of their homeland and the well-being of their children and grandchildren. That will make for another great day in American history.

Will YOU join your State's SNC delegation? Will YOU begin today to WORK for a better tomorrow?


Posted on 05/23/2016 1:29 PM by David O Jones

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

In the foundational political treatise, Vindiciae Contra Tyrranos (A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants) first published in 1579, the author under the pen name Junius Brutus appealed to the reigning king of France for a just and righteous government.

The treatise was divided into four sections, the first of which explored The Limits to Authority. The statement is made, "It is the responsibility of princes to know the extent of their authority and of subjects to know to what extent they may obey princes."

Today, we are faced with a great number of people who promote their concept of separation of Church and State as keeping God out of civil government.  In the days of France's King Henry or in the 1760s and 70s as the American patriots dealt with England's King George, kings had a similar attitude as that of politicians today-let God run the heavens, but we run the earth. 

Most people alive today have never given thought as to the extent of their obligation to obey the civil authorities. In the United States, we are taught simply to obey… just as were the citizens in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. And very few civil authorities ever give a moment's notice to what God might have to say about their actions.

Where do all civil rulers get their authority? Brutus says it simply, "God reigns by His own proper authority, and kings by derivation." In a society which votes for its representatives and rulers, we labour under the false assumption that authority to rule comes from the people. But any authority given by "the people" only comes via an indirect route from God Himself.

Any law, any ruling, any edict must first be filtered through the moral and ethical standards which the Lord God established in Scripture. Anything less becomes a rebellion against God Himself.

In Vindiciae it is stated, "Currently, it is commonly understood that if someone disobeys a prince concerning a command….he will be considered a rebel… But he should be condemned and held as truly rebellious who does not obey God, or who obeys the king when he forbids to yield obedience to God."

Brutus gives several Biblical examples, but the most obvious is that of Israel's King Saul as he refuses to do what God had commanded thru the prophet Samuel, but then expects to make it all better by offering a sacrifice.  Samuel is explicit in saying "Because you have rejected the word of the Lord…"

"It is much more grievous to offend the Creator than the creature, who is the image of the Creator."



Posted on 05/17/2016 2:54 PM by David O Jones

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Worth Quoting

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels nor your arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Samuel Adams


What is liberty without wisdom and without virtue?   

Edmund Burke