Firearms, Freedom, and the Yankee Empire of Death

by Thomas Moore

What is the proper role of firearms, if any, in our sophisticated urban society when the only remaining frontier is technological and people no longer have to hunt for survival? Why do we need guns in this era of cradle-to-grave, government-provided security? Wouldn’t scrapping the outmoded 2nd Amendment be a small price to pay to keep guns out of the hands of mass murderers?

These and similar questions have been, well, fired at us with machine-gun-like regularity since the horrific killings last April at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. The thirty-two victims were hardly buried when anti-gun zealots began to beat their drums with the bones of the dead. Here’s a sampling of what the ghouls had to say, and a foretaste of their plans for us.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence insists that colleges and universities must remain gun-free “sanctuaries;” that is, defenseless target zones, even though one armed professor or student could have stopped the Blacksburg killer and saved dozens of lives. In the New York Times, April 26, 2007, columnist Bob Herbert cites Virginia Tech and other mass shootings as evidence that “…Americans are addicted to violence, specifically gun violence. But there’s no evidence we have the will to pull the guns out of circulation…or even register the weapons and properly screen and train their owners.” In the April 30 New Yorker, the very essence of the Yankee sensibility and worldview, Adam Gopnik demands that America disarm its citizens, as did the United Kingdom after the 1996 shooting in Dunblane, Scotland that killed sixteen children and their teacher. He cites other foreign mass murders – 1989 in Quebec; fourteen killed, and 2002 in Nanterre, France; eight killed – and concludes we should follow the example of these countries and prohibit private gun ownership. Gopnik writes, “There is no reason that any private citizen in a democracy should own a handgun.”

I can think of many reasons to own a handgun, not least of them because there are so many people like Mr. Gopnik writing for major magazines and influencing the way we live – which means insisting we become defenseless victims. And contrary to Mr. Herbert’s insulting lie, Americans aren’t hooked on violence; it is criminals who are hooked on violence. Most of us go about our daily lives, meeting our obligations, living in kindness and charity, and wouldn’t harm a hair on our neighbor’s head. And when he says, “pull the guns out of circulation,” what he really means is “out of your possession.”

Yankees love to scoff at our so-called Southern “love affair with guns.” Certainly no one should become too enamored of his possessions or to any of the things of this world, including our cars, trucks, houses, riding mowers, and barbecue grills, with which it may be also said we have “love affairs.” But the Southern gun-owners I know don’t just love guns, they love life and they love freedom, which guns help protect. And the Empire doesn’t just hate guns, it hates freedom and it loves power. The English political philosopher William Hazlett (1778-1830) said it best: “The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.”

On this website we’ve tried to expose the growing tyranny and corruption of the Yankee Empire or “Regime,” the apparatus of centralized power and all the appurtenances of the unlimited, consolidated, despotic state. Its formal, principal arm is the Federal Government. But the Regime also includes:

  • the government indoctrination system, otherwise known as public schools and higher education, which are aggressively Marxist, secular, and humanist;
  • the major news and opinion media;
  • wealthy foundations like those of the Fords and Rockefellers and George Soros and other coercive social engineers, all of which pretend to be independent, but which support centralized state power and the destruction of traditional American liberty. Not coincidentally, they give tons of money to various anti-gun groups like the Brady Campaign and the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA).

In the context of the gun debate, it’s crucial to remember the Regime is not merely corrupt and despotic; it also fosters a culture of death. It is fatal to children and other living things. Its religion is the worship of man, which in practice means worship of the state, since in the humanists’ eyes the state is the highest form of man’s collective being. Unlike Nietzsche, the state has not declared God dead, it has declared Him an outlaw, for the state will have no other gods before it. In rejecting the sovereignty of God, the state behaves as our Lord warned us in His Word: “Those who hate Me love death.”

The culture of death inherent in man-worship and God-hatred takes many forms, the most obvious of which are the insistence on abortion and infanticide, the aggressive promotion of homosexuality, the obsession with death, violence, depravity, and sadism in film, literature, and video games aimed at the young. By breaking down the social mechanisms of self-control and character building – church and faith, family, custom, and tradition – the Empire is spawning monsters like the Blacksburg killer at an increasingly alarming rate. And by the way, I’m not going to cite the squalid wretch by name, only refer to him as the Blacksburg killer. He wanted to win notoriety if not immortality with the blood of others. Let him go down in infamy unnamed, unremembered, unsung.

Make no mistake – this is a relatively new phenomenon, and it is rising in direct correlation with the rise of the Yankee Empire of death. When I was in high school in the late 1960’s, school shootings were unheard of, unimaginable. We boys even carried our shotguns or rifles to school, leaving them in our cars so we could hunt after class. In one generation we’ve gone from that benign condition to random shootings in school, along with ubiquitous armed guards and metal detectors. This is a social development of enormous significance, yet the media and other running dogs of the Empire can only talk about the causative presence of firearms, even though guns were more abundant and available when I was in school than they are now.

The inescapable conclusion is that the Yankee Empire is the producer, abettor, and enabler of ticking time bombs like the Virginia Tech killer; and all the fashionable Yankee nostrums and remedies – mental health counselors, social workers, crisis intervention, and gun-free school zones -- did nothing to prevent the senseless and horrific murder. Here are two preventive remedies that make far more sense than disarming the people.

We should start by doing something about the godless Marxist indoctrination camps laughably called public schools, especially the high schools; which exist not to produce educated, responsible citizens of a self-governing republic but obedient, dumbed-down subjects of the Empire. The Blacksburg killer was unmercifully bullied and emotionally scarred in his mega-high school in northern Virginia, as were the two killers of Columbine, Colorado. By no means does this excuse their crimes. But it ought to make us confront the consequences of widespread bullying, social conformity, and the shallow, amoral, toxic environments that are government schools -- not to mention the stultifying boredom the kids must endure. The inevitable effects of boredom and school-induced social pathologies must then be treated by psychotropic drugs, the dangers of which Political Correctness forbids us to question. It’s a wonder more monsters don’t emerge from such places.

Second, shut down Third World immigration. Only at our peril can we ignore the direct connection between mass immigration and mass killings. The Virginia Tech killer was an immigrant from Korea. No doubt his family are decent and hard-working people and are shocked and shamed by what he has done. But honestly, did we really need another laundry in Northern Virginia? Was having them here worth the price of 32 innocent dead?

Here’s a small sample of immigrants who’ve repaid our hospitality with mass murder:

  • Colin Ferguson of Jamaica, who murdered six and wounded nineteen on the Long Island Railroad in 1993, including Carolyn McCarthy’s husband, prompting her to run for Congress on a single issue, civil disarmament. She now leads the anti-gun forces in the U.S. House of Reprehensibles. If she were as zealous in reducing immigration as she has been in trying to confiscate guns, she might actually have saved some lives.
  • Another Jamaican, Lee Boyd Malvo (alias John Lee Malvo or Malik Malvo) of Muhammed & Malvo, the sniper duo that murdered thirteen in the greater Washington, DC area in 2002.
  • Peter Odighizuwa who killed three and wounded three in 2004 at the Appalachian Law School in Grundy, Virginia, until two armed students stopped him. I guess they forgot school was supposed to be a gun-free zone.
  • Sulejman Talovic, a Bosnian Muslim, who walked into a shopping mall in Salt Lake City last February and opened fire with a shotgun and .38 pistol, killing four. He would have murdered many more but for the presence of an armed off-duty policeman who pinned him down until the Salt Lake City SWAT team arrived and killed the swine.

This is only a partial list of the angry, alienated immigrants who have perpetrated acts of extreme violence against us. And because the topic here is mass murder, I’ll only cite in passing the thousands of individual murders by aliens. Approximately forty murders occur each day in the U.S. day, of which ten to twelve are committed by immigrants, mostly from south of the border. And we can never forget that the greatest mass murders in American history -- though not by firearms, as if that makes any difference -- were the terror attacks of 9/11, committed by aliens who came here both legally and illegally and had the free run of the place. The role of immigrants in the rising tide of violence is so conspicuous that it gives new meaning to the rationale, “We need them to do the jobs other Americans won’t do.”

Of course, native-born Americans commit mass murders, too. The Columbine, Colorado killers were home-grown. The most despicable of them all, the killer of the Amish school girls in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, was a native. The difference is we can’t do much about our domestically created killers; they were born here and we’re stuck with them. But immigrant killers don’t have to be here. The Empire encourages the Third World invasion – which includes a statistically predictable number of killers – for its own selfish reasons, and it deliberately turns a blind eye as they steal over the border. Thus my contention the Regime is a knowing accessory to the violence that follows.

I’m a realist, I know neither of these proposed remedies will be implemented. In fact, like a dog returning to its vomit, the Regime will continue to contribute to the factors inherent in mass killings, for the Empire by definition serves and protects only its own interests, not those of the people. And this sad fact raises another issue concerning the role of firearms in the Empire of death. We must think beyond the indirect threat of the Empire’s spawning of murderous psychopaths. We must also consider the potential of direct action against us by the armed force of the Empire itself.

R. J. Rummel’s book, Death by Government, shows that in the 20th Century far more millions were killed by their own governments than by all the wars combined. The conservative estimate is roughly 170 million. Southern commentator Charley Reese got it exactly right: “As the German people discovered, once a government has unlimited power, it will eventually use that power against everyone.”

But some will ask, why would it want to? Why indeed? Doubtless the French victims of the Great Terror asked the same question on the way to the guillotine, as did the kulaks starved and murdered by Stalin, the millions of Mao’s Chinese victims, the Jews marked for death by Hitler on their way to the camps, the millions slaughtered by the Khmer Rouge in the killing fields of Cambodia. The blood of countless innocents cries out from the ground. Why! Why! There is no easy answer, yet this has been the hallmark of every modern state that claims absolute power. The lesson has been written in suffering and death time and time again within recent memory. There is no excuse for us not to have learned it.

But America is different, you protest. We have our democratic traditions, our Constitution. Come now, does any thinking person not sunk deep in denial really believe the Empire still observes the Constitution? Our freedom, or what’s left of it, exists only at the whim of the authorities. The Constitution and rule of law are reduced to a fiction, just as the Roman emperors preserved the outward forms of the Republic while creating an absolute despotism. Caligula, the most depraved emperor of them all, had his favorite horse Incitatus elected to the Senate. Does that election mean Rome was still a Republic? The question answers itself. (At least the Roman Senate, unlike our own, had the whole horse!)

Despite the expenditure of billions and ever more draconian law enforcement that treats us all as virtual criminals, the Regime can’t protect us from random mass murder, as at Columbine and Virginia Tech. It can’t prevent drug-and-gang violence or common street crime. Indeed, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report released in May 2007 shows violent crimes rising for a second straight year, marking “the first sustained increase in homicide, robberies, and other serious offenses since the early 1990’s.” The jump in violent crime is especially severe in cities like Washington, DC (with a 9 % increase) where gun ownership is prohibited.

The Regime has shown dramatically it can’t protect us from foreign terror attacks. It won’t protect us from the Third World invasion that saps our economy, undermines our culture, and adds untold misery in violence and social disorder. Its enormous, intrusive bureaucracy can’t protect us from Mad Cow disease or avian flu or contaminated Chinese wheat gluten or e. coli in Mexican lettuce or unsafe pharmaceuticals. It can’t protect us from identify thieves who steal our sensitive personal data in the computers of proliferating government agencies. The Empire can’t protect us from the looming meltdown of the dollar and the economy – indeed, the Empire is the principal cause of the impending collapse.

Yet in exchange for the illusory protection from all the ills modern life can envision, the Empire demands our wealth – and our liberty. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, those who give up liberty for safety deserve neither, and in the end they will have neither. For we give up our liberty to the state. As the Romans learned to ask to their sorrow, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? “Who will guard us from the guardians?” This exchange of freedom for security is a Faustian bargain, for when we sell our freedom, we sell our souls. At least Faust entered into his deal with Mephistopheles of his free will. But we aren’t given that privilege. The Empire uses manipulation, deceit, and intimidation to force us into the false bargain. In other word, the Empire’s survival depends on lies and on force. This vast criminal enterprise can only be countered by truth and by a countervailing force of our own.

Today we suffer under people in various places of power, both formal and informal, whose only difference between the Jacobins of the French Terror, or Hitler, Stalin, and Mao is one of degree, not of kind. The inexorable goal of the Empire they have created is to obliterate the Christian moral order and the social stability that flowed from it. Their program generates ever more misery, violence, and societal breakdown, which they then demand greater powers to address. The purveyors of this worldview don’t get it because they can’t get it. Their blindness is not just intellectual; it is moral. And even if some of them aren’t guilty of malicious intent (as so many are), do we really want to entrust our very lives to people whose grasp of reality is so flawed? It’s pointless to argue with them. More facts, more evidence of their criminal folly won’t convince them they’re wrong. Only one thing will dissuade them from pushing us over a fatal threshold, and that one thing is force.

The cannon of the French Kings bore the Latin inscription, Ultima Ratio Regium, “the final argument of kings.” Armed force, whether it’s the aggression of despots or the resistance of patriots, is the final argument. Our imperial elites ask themselves, “How can we further enslave and despoil them?” Consequently, we must ask ourselves, “How can we defend ourselves and our freedom?” Between these two poles there is no common ground, no arguing with the Regime and its outriders, fellow travelers, and useful idiots. There is no good will among them that will enable us to come and reason together. The final argument comes down to force.

And no, I am not advocating we take up arms against the government. I am saying the government will turn its arms on us. It is the inevitable logic of empire. It has already done so at Waco and Ruby Ridge. It is doing so ever more blatantly in individual cases around the country as we sink deeper and deeper into a surveillance-and-police state in which the cops no longer serve and protect, but harass and oppress. With increasing dismay and clarity we see that their role is not to defend us against criminals, but to defend the Regime against us.

In a future economic collapse or other national crisis (again, brought about by the negligence, folly, and corruption of the Regime) an armed citizenry may be the only remaining deterrent to the centralized state’s Endlosung, its Final Solution. Gun rights activist Jeff Snyder says, "To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts from the state. It is to reserve final judgment about whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that freedom with more than words, and to stand outside totalitarian reach and speech."

Today the Regime’s anti-gun strategy is to whittle away at our gun rights and capabilities at the margin, stopping short of an outright assault on the 2nd Amendment -- for the time being. Delays in obtaining a gun, banning certain features like high-capacity magazines, administratively driving up the cost of guns and ammunition are the current means of choice. Yet despite the continuous salami slicing, Americans retain a considerable self-defense and deterrent capability. The armed citizen remains the final impediment to the Regime’s total control. Yet it’s unlikely that the Empire, which has usurped our freedom in every other conceivable way, will allow this deterrent to its absolute power to go unchallenged much longer. Another mass killing or terrorist attack, followed by widespread public revulsion, could provide the opportunity the Empire is waiting for. Dare I say hoping for?

If you have any thought of obtaining weapons for personal defense or hunting or just recreational shooting, you’d better do it soon. The threats to gun freedom, while perhaps not immediate, are numerous. Sooner or later one or several of these measures will connect. There’s the big-city mayor’s campaign to restrict gun sales. There’s H.R. 1022, the worst Congressional legislation introduced since 1968 (by the afore-mentioned Rep. McCarthy) that would renew and expand the so-called assault-weapons ban, this time for good, without a “sunset” provision. Then there are various global gun control initiatives of the UN that could undermine the 2nd Amendment via U.S. ratification of an international treaty.

High quality rifles and handguns will only become scarcer and more expensive as these threats materialize. It’s already difficult and costly to obtain good ammunition. Stock up now. Ammo keeps a long time if stored in a cool, dry place. Don’t forget extra magazines. And above all, get training. Owning a weapon is not enough. Only with training and practice can the armed citizen really constitute a meaningful deterrent capability.

The Empire has reduced us from citizens to subjects. As its corruption and tyranny wax worse and worse, it treats us as enemies, and finally as prey. But in a world where everyone is reduced to either predator or prey, we Southerners wish to be neither. And those who wish to be neither had better have the means of self-defense.

Sadly, we can expect more events like Blacksburg, perhaps with more dead than the last. The Yankee culture of death guarantees it. Sooner or later the Regime will use the monsters it has spawned to justify sweeping gun registration, to be followed by an attempt at confiscation, as happened in Britain and Australia. Every gun-owner must think about this scenario in advance and decide what you will do before it transpires; not wait till the BATF thugs show up on your doorstep.

It’s a self-delusion of the first order to think that the GOP will save our gun rights. Republicans have been better than most Democrats on the issue -- so far. But with a few notable exceptions, Republicans are cowardly and unprincipled and will collapse like a house of cards if the political winds change and they sense it’s in their interest of holding on to power (which is really their only principle). The Empire subsists on the one-party political system in which Democrats and Republicans masquerade as genuine political alternatives, but are really just two sides of the same (counterfeit) coin.

We live in a time of crisis, both the crises besetting us now and the worse ones to come. To be sure, it is wrong to think that guns by themselves will save us. They are a necessary but by no means sufficient condition for security and freedom. Yet, in a time of increasing instability and violence it makes more sense to be armed than unarmed. Our attitude should echo that of our colonial forefathers who defeated the greatest military power on the globe, largely through superior marksmanship, combined with faith: “Trust in the Lord, but keep your powder dry.”


Thomas Moore is the author of The Hunt for Confederate Gold and Chairman of the Southern National Congress Committee

Worth Quoting

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels nor your arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Samuel Adams


What is liberty without wisdom and without virtue?   

Edmund Burke