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Sunday, 18 September 2016
Evidence to the Contrary

In my previous blog, "Resist or Die" on 9 September, I wrote that the South has a lot to be proud of.

When I teach young people about the South, I identify three legacies of the South. The first was mentioned in that blog the South has a legacy of the fine arts.

The second legacy causes a bit of consternation, considering that tremendous roar of the media, academia and government. The exalted trinity of the left with great conviction and volume repeat the "big lie" of racism in the South.  Evidence points to the contrary.

The South has a legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.  It is only in Northern cities that we can identify the ghettos of various nationalities black, Irish, Chinese, Greek, Italian, etc. That never happened in the South.

Charleston, South Carolina had a huge number of French immigrants. Some of my own ancestors were French Huguenots who settled in North Carolina, took up farming and donated land for a church which is still thriving today.

As well, Charleston was the home of the first Jewish synagogue organized on this continent.  It was the South that sent the first Jewish man to the U.S. Congress and it was the Confederacy that had the first Jewish cabinet member.

The Scots and the Irish who settled the back country were the exception. Not easily accepted by the English of the coastal areas, but they accepted everyone else.

Today's illegal immigrants charge that northern Mexico was "stolen." Evidence points to the contrary.

Mexicans fought with the Tennesseans and others at the Alamo against Santa Anna. Side-by-side they settled the wide expanse of Texas. They considered themselves neither American nor Mexican, but Texican.

Both the French and Spanish influences in Louisiana are evident to all in both music and cuisine. The Cherokee and other native americans intermarried with the immigrants.

The South is supposed to be the most racist area of the continent. Evidence points to the contrary.

The Africans which first arrived on our shores as objects of the slave trade also benefited from their treatment in the South. Contrary to popular propaganda, the great majority of Southern slaveholders wished to see them Christianized and educated.  Even prior to The War many of the Negro race were able to rise above slavery and become productive members of society in the South while they were expelled from northern States.  (more info)   Segregation and Jim Crow laws and the resistance to integration that occurred in the last century, upon legitimate investigation, will reveal that many of the problems between the races in the South were as the result of Northern influences.

With little more than a cursory review of our Southern history, it can be determined that the South has a wonderful legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.

The evidence points to it.


Posted on 09/18/2016 7:23 PM by David O Jones
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