Friday, 9 September 2016
Resist or Die!

The South is the victim of another a third wave of conquest. We must resist or we will all die.

Frank Owsley in "The Irrepressible Conflict" (chapter 3 of I'll Take My Stand) speaks of "a second war of conquest, the conquest of the Southern mind, calculated to remake every Southern opinion, to impose the Northern way of life and thought upon the South."

Reconstruction  began an endeavor by the media, academia, and government which was intended to erase the thought, the culture, and especially the Christianity of the South.

The pogrom continues. Today, Southerners have become the brunt of every joke about ignorance, incest, and abuse of others. Owsley wrote, "But a people cannot live under condemnation and upon the philosophy of their conquerors. Either they must ultimately come to scorn the condemnation and the philosophy of those who thrust these things upon them, or their soul should and will perish."

We must resist or we will all die.

In the third wave, the exalted trinity controlled by the left media, academia & government vilify the South and Southerners. They have taken our industry and given it to others; they have decreed which words and ideas are acceptable; they have attacked the Church by forcing unacceptance, ungodly practices; and they increasingly speak ill of Southern symbols and institutions.

The South has a lot to be proud of.

The South has a legacy of the fine arts.  The best of literature and authors on this continent came from the South. Every genre of popular American music has its origins in the South.
The South is not a cultural wasteland as most in the media would have us believe.  Shakespeare and operas were being performed in the colonial South long before they hit Boston, Philadelphia or New York. One of the four "olympic style" ballet competitions sanctioned by the International Dance Committee
( is held in Jackson, Mississippi-the others are held in Bulgaria, Russia and Japan.   

The South also has a legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.  

As well, the South also has a legacy of original political thought which cannot be challenged by the North. These two legacies will be addressed in future blogs.

Southerners must resist this onslaught of tyranny birthed in the media, academia & government.

We must resist or we will all die.

The Southern National Congress is all about resisting the destruction of our heritage and our culture. We convene again in November. Should you be a delegate from your State? Go to our Join Us page to see the requirements for application. Or support the SNC by being an Observer at SNC-9.


Posted on 09/09/2016 4:07 PM by David O Jones
27 Sep 2016
Jerry L.

Since the Rape of the Southern States, rewritten history, omission that the Confederate States was a sovereign and independent nation state economically more powerful than the Northern states the destruction of Southern people, true lives and history have been victimized with the intent to destroy the southern economy.

The effort to survive has always been present for true Southerners and opponents the corruption of the Federal Government.  Their successful educational efforts to defame the intelligence, culture and etiquettes has been paramount in the latest intent to destroy our heritage.  

Eventually, we must make a stand and if necessary secede from the corrupt, oppress and tyrannical federal government.  I do not believe the federal government with its open-ended mid-night laws can be salvaged. Even the system and safeguards protecting the citizens are corrupt.

The policies and laws from every political party has been the cause of US decline and hatred for the South.   Each state freely formed a union for protection. No state was conquered or forced to join and therefore can justly dissolve its relationship if the policies or actions of the union directly endangers the rights, liberty, safety or livelihood of a member state.

These are my personal opinions and not meant ferment insurrection, sedition or treason, but to justly save our great Southern States, prosperity for the her citizens while securing man's natural need for independence.