The True Southern Legacy

The South has a legacy of welcoming and integrating other races and nationalities into its midst and assimilating them into its culture.  Charleston, SC had a huge number of French immigrants.  As well, Charleston was the home of the first Jewish synagogue organized on this continent.  It was the South that sent the first Jewish men to the U.S. Congress and it was the Confederacy that had the first Jewish cabinet member.

While initial conflicts occurred, the Irish and Scots eventually intermarried with native Americans. Tennesseans fought with Mexicans and others at the Alamo against Santa Anna. The French and Spanish influences in Louisiana cannot be ignored. There were never “ghettos” in Southern cities which were and are abundant in the cities of the North.

The Africans which first arrived on our shores as objects of the Yankee slave trade also benefited from their treatment in the South. (I am not saying that slavery was a good thing.) The great majority of Southern slaveholders wished to see the Africans Christianized and educated.  It is an oft ignored fact that many of them were able to rise above slavery and become productive members of society in the South while they were being expelled from other regions of the Union.

We should not be proud of the segregation, Jim Crow laws and resistance to integration that occurred in the last century, but I believe with legitimate investigation, you will find that inter-racial relations have consistently been better in the South than in Yankeedom.

The fifth paragraph of the Southern National Covenant reads:

Before all the nations of the earth we affirm that we are a separate and distinct People, with an honourable heritage worthy of the respect of all mankind.  Bound together by a shared history, faith, and blood, we have endured hardship and tragedy but have also enjoyed the fruits of Christian civilisation built by God’s grace and the works of our hands.  Under heaven, we possess the right to govern ourselves in our own land under our own laws, customs, and religion.

Our “Christian civilisation built by God’s grace and the works of our hands” includes all the peoples referenced above. Because we are at our roots “Christian,” we embrace the Scriptural record.  In Revelation (5:9), we find John’s description of worship in Heaven. John records: For You [Jesus] were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”

We will worship for eternity with “every tribe and tongue and people and nation” in Heaven, so it would be best for us to recognize our responsibility to work together and develop a “Christian civilization” here and now.

A true Southern Nationalist will include not divide.

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