Polarizing Politics

The polarizing of politics in American has reached a critical level and we must be prepared for the conflict which is surely to arise from the rhetoric.

     In my fifty plus years of political activity, I have never seen the animosity which has gripped both sides of issues. It is unprecedented that not only individuals, but entire corporate leaderships have weighed in on the anger. Social media platforms and website hosts have censured and/or completely blocked proponents of ideas with which they disagree. Dialogue is not only stifled, but completely shut down.

     We have already experienced police chiefs and higher government officials issue “stand-down” orders to police officers. This has made criminals of the officers and their superiors by their willful negligence in not protecting either property or the people of their community.

     Why is the dangerous rhetoric growing so rapidly? One lady who stands with us has written, “Sadly, most people today are ignorant or apathetic or both: They don’t know and they don’t care and they’re so lazy they are content to jump on the loudest bandwagon.  Actually, people today don’t have the depth of intellect or the desire to actually pursue the truth.”

     Not long after the American secession from the British Empire and the ensuing battle for independence, the public interest in good government began to wane. Without one common enemy, the new States were fighting with each other. The turmoil was now internal. George Washington was depressed over the prevailing apathy he saw around him and he wrote to George Mason, “Where, where are our men of abilities? Why do they not come forth and save the country?”

     As we begin the second decade of the Southern National Congress, I must ask the same question. Where are our men of ability? Where are our men who will sacrifice to prepare our States for independence from the Columbian (i.e. D.C.) Empire?

The eleventh session of the SNC is fast approaching. Are you one of those who will step forward to serve?



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