Four Qualifications for Participation as a Delegate

The Southern National Congress is not a mere conference, symposium, or assembly of Southerners at large. It is designed to be a Congress of the Southern people acting through their respective States. The Congress has no formal legislative authority. We are, after all, still under the Regime in Washington.

We believe the SNC is establishing its moral authority. And as the corrupt and despotic empire run from Washington continues to crumble, forfeiting its moral authority, the SNC’s legitimacy may fill the void, providing an alternative foundation for sane, stable, and moral self-government in the South. For this reason, maintaining the State basis for the SNC’s structure is paramount.

First Qualification: Delegates must be residents of their respective States.

These States will have voting power by Delegation in the Congress:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi,
Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia

A delegate is someone vetted by their State’s delegation and has voting privileges within that delegation. Voting within a session of the Congress is by State.
An observer is someone who wishes to attend a session of Congress, but has not gone through the process of applying as a delegate. They have no voting privileges and are not allowed to speak on the floor of the Congress. Observers may come from any State or nation inside or outside of the fourteen States of the Congress listed above.

Second Qualification: Delegates (and Observers) must be 18 years old.

Third Qualification: Delegates (and Observers) must be of good moral character.

We cannot see into men’s souls, so this last requirement may be satisfied by never having been convicted of a mal in se crime; that is, a thing “evil in itself,” (murder, rape, arson, kidnapping, violent assault, armed robbery, etc.) as distinguished from the malum prohibitum, the whole host of countless, expanding, administrative “crimes” made up by the overweening state and which threaten to make “criminals” out of all of us; for example, not filling out your paperwork or paying your coerced tribute (taxes).

Fourth Qualification: Delegates must affirm of the following three statements:

  • I believe that I have a duty to my home State.
  • I believe that the Southern people are a distinct people.
  • I believe in the right of voice, the right of preservation, and the right of recognition for the South and her people.

Each State is responsible for selecting and organizing their own Delegations. Some States have additional qualification guidelines. Each State’s delegation decides whom they will seat as Delegates.