SNC-11 was a success

The Eleventh Session of the Southern National Congress was held on 2nd & 3rd November 2018, at the Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson, Tennessee.

Resolutions were passed concerning States developing gold depositories, multiple sexes, law and order, securing our borders, and the media blackout of ongoing events in South Africa. Each of these resolutions will be printed here.

A new, streamlined Constitution & Bylaws were passed. And officers were elected for the next two-years term. Your new officers: David O Jones (TN) as Chairman; Richard Hamblen (TN) as Vice-Chairman; Sam Nelson (AL) as Treasurer; Gerald Burnett (VA) as Vice-Treasurer; Larry Newton (AL) as Parliamentarian; and Wade Rabun (MO) as Chaplain.

Next year’s session will be held the same time of year…late October or early November. The location is undecided.


We are now in our second decade of working together. If you haven’t attended recently or have never previously applied, apply now!  Go to the Delegates page for the application.  Send it to our Chairman and he will forward it to the appropriate State delegation for approval.