SNC-12 (2019)

RESOLUTION on the plight of South Africa

Whereas the American communities of the South have attempted to “get along” with the massive immigration and invasion of alien groups from across North America and around the world;
Whereas these same invaders have brought with them theologies and ideologies which are contrary to the basic values and presuppositions of the Southern people;
Whereas we have the example of the destruction of Rhodesia in the 1980’s and the currently progressing socialist and legal atrocities being perpetrated in South Africa;
We the delegates of the Southern National Congress encourage our native Southern brothers and sisters to become informed and attentive to the ongoing destruction of South Africa and the murder of its productive citizens. The same patterns of destruction have begun here. We must arrest the progress of those ideas and actions.


We oppose the implementation of any “extreme risk protection order” (Red Flag law) on the basis of their several and numerous violations of our God-given rights and the protections of our Constitutions, namely the freedom of speech, the protection against self-incrimination, the right to face our accusers, the right to “keep and bear arms,” and the American legal provision of always innocent until proven guilty.