SNC-3 (2010)

Resolution Regarding Moral Obligation
of Obedience, Deference, or Loyalty

The Delegates to the Third Southern National Congress make the following findings:

In the year of our Lord 1789, the newly independent and united States of America formed a federated Republic by agreeing to create the Federal government for the mutual benefit of the sovereign States and their Peoples. The original constitution of the united States was meant to embody the will of the Several States and their Peoples, uniting them in a common political and social contract amongst and between themselves, and also between the States and the central government, which was the fiduciary agent and servant of the Several States which created it.

After independence, and in full possession of the sovereign powers afforded them as free and independent States by the Law of Nations, which rests on the Laws of Nature and Almighty God, the original Thirteen States delegated to the central government specifically enumerated powers. They also limited those powers by Amendments IX and X of the Bill of Rights, an inseparable part of the political and social contract uniting the States. They explicitly reserved to themselves or their Peoples all sovereign powers not specifically granted to the central government they had created.

Therefore, the Federal Union was a voluntary, delimited association of the free and sovereign States and their Peoples for the sole purpose of protecting life, liberty, and property. However, many Founders, especially the Anti-Federalists who were mostly Southerners, warned that the United States Constitution contained the seeds of despotism by creating a strong central government. Their warnings have come true. Embarking on a systematic transformation of the original federated Republic, the central government began to usurp the rights and powers of the Several States. This transformation began soon after adoption of the Constitution, was consolidated by the Northern victory over the South and the violent suppression of her right to self government in 1865, and has accelerated unto the present day. This process has changed the original federated Republic into a centralized, unitary state ruled by a consolidated central government which claims for itself virtually unlimited powers, just as leading Southern statesmen predicted.

With both national Parties in collusion, today’s Washington-based regime has destroyed all pretense of constitutionally limited government and replaced it with an oligarchy ruled by crony capitalists, the big money cartel based on Wall Street, banks and corporations, the major news and opinion media, and misanthropic globalists bent on radical dreams of a New World Order.

The central government of the United States consistently violates the Constitution, including the protections of the Bill of Rights. Its despotism has grown to gargantuan proportions since the terror attacks of September 2001, a convenient pretext for undeclared, perpetual, impotently pursued wars. It has exploited the so-called War on Terror to create a surveillance-and-police state ruled by fear and by criminalizing of dissidents and patriots, especially Southerners who dare to defend their tradition of limited government and ordered Christian liberty.

Under the mask of promising financial security and prosperity to all, the fiscal and economic policies of the central government instead foster dependency and debt-slavery. The central government has granted to a private banking cartel, the Federal Reserve, an outrageous monopoly to create public money. The Federal Reserve’s fiat money violates the moral requirement of an honest unit of exchange, undermining the irreducible standard of morality necessary to civil society. This dishonest money threatens us with hyper-inflation and the future collapse of the currency, reducing to penury all Americans whose life savings and assets are denominated in U.S. dollars.

The central government is allied with and controlled by the financial cartel and powerful corporations. It rewards them for exporting America’s true wealth-producing enterprises and employment offshore, and empowers the banks to rob us through money creation and bail-outs, the greatest acts of mass plunder in history. Its confiscatory income tax and the hidden tax of inflation rob us of what little wealth remains. The government’s wealth transfers to its politically-favored clients foster a soul-crushing dependency. Today more than half the people of the Southern States derive their income from the central government, directly or indirectly, even though Federal money de-capitalizes and eventually impoverishes those who receive it. Profligate Federal spending indentures our children to foreign financial interests, only to support the continued immorality of the welfare-warfare state; and places all us at risk of economic ruin and political servitude.

This pattern of repeated abuses and usurpations evinces a clear design to reduce the American People generally, and Southerners in particular, under absolute despotism, accompanied by poverty, dependency, and servitude.

Therefore, We the assembled Delegates to the Third Southern National Congress do hereby resolve and declare:

— that the central government of the United States, by defaulting on its obligations to protect the inalienable rights of the People to life, liberty, and property, is in breach of the United States Constitution that once bound the People and the Several States to the Federal Union;

— that the central government no longer serves the States and their People as their agent for ensuring justice, but instead has become the purveyor of mass injustice, tyranny, oppression, and violence; and is the manifest enemy of dignity, freedom, prosperity, and a decent moral order;

— that the central government pursues the destruction of a distinctly Southern culture and identity, traducing our heritage, distorting our history, and attempting to coerce us into becoming supine subjects of an Empire that is alien to our hallowed traditions and well-being;

— that the central government is not worthy of the respect, much less the obedience, of any People who claim the title of free men and women.

Therefore, trusting in Almighty God and in the justice of our cause, we further resolve and declare that all Southerners should consider their States and the People of their States absolved of any moral obligation of obedience, deference, or loyalty to the central government of the United States.  In such circumstances, we encourage Southerners to devote their primary efforts to their States and local communities in order to reconstitute a free, just, and prosperous civil society.

Passed 13 November 2013, Dickson, Tennessee