SNC-10 (2017)

Resolution in Opposition to Sanctuary Cities

The Southern people are historically a generous and hospitable People. Indeed, “Southern hospitality” is a universally acknowledged attribute of our People and byword that describes our region.

However, in a recent and very short span of years, our States have been overrun with foreigners too numerous and too alien to be absorbed. We are quite literally threatened with the unwanted transformation of our society through unlimited mass immigration. (refer to the SNC Remonstrance on Mass Immigration, adopted December 2008)

Federal power with the cooperation of various religious organizations is being used to displace us as a People in our own land.

We urge our State legislatures and localities to stand firm against the destruction of our culture and civilization by not allowing any “sanctuary cities” or the establishment of any similar policies which allow other cultures or legal structures to take precedence over our own.

Passed 4 November 2017 @ SNC-10


Resolution of Support for Independence Movements

Whereas the Southern National Congress exists to encourage and lead the People of the Southern States to separate and independent national existence from the United States of America; and

Whereas the Southern National Congress also supports similar independence efforts by any historic, truly indigenous peoples anywhere in the world, in the hope of spreading liberty and self-government to all men and nations;

Be it resolved by the delegates of the Southern States in Congress assembled that we applaud and celebrate the efforts of the peoples on various continents to separate themselves from authoritarian rule; and

We wish them Godspeed, and hope to one day join them as a member of the Community of nations.

Passed 4 November 2017 @ SNC-10


Resolution Condemning Violence & Lawlessness in Charlottsville

As representatives of the People of the Southern States, we condemn the violence and lawlessness of certain individuals in Charlottsville, Virginia on 12 August 2017.

We also denounce the premeditated willful and deliberate dereliction of duty exhibited by Virginia’s Governor, Charlottsville’s Mayor, and the ranking officers of the Charlottsville Police Department. They failed to enforce certain Virginia statues and were selective in their enforcement of others.

The ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters demonstrators were specifically allowed to violate Virginia Code Section 18.2-422 which prohibits the “wearing any mask, hood or other device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer,” thus enabling them to attack peaceful demonstrators without fear of penalty.

We also decry the unequal application of charges filed and bonds set based entirely upon political affiliation.

We also condemn the collusion of the Media in their narrative of events in defiance of truth which reversed the roles played by participants by portraying ANTIFA and BLM as peaceful victims rather than violent aggressors.

Passed 4 November 2017 @ SNC-10