WHY the Southern National Congress? 

     …because our children and grand-children deserve better!

We ALL deserve better …if only we will catch the vision and work for it.

Our society has degenerated into any number of mobs who are clamoring for their own selfish interests.

Our businesses have ceased providing products and services to increase our comfort, health and productivity in favour of an increased bottom line.

Our churches are no longer serving their communities, but have become obsessed with size and prestige.

Our families have separated and moved to distant parts of the world and have ceased to enjoy the benefits of generational experiences and wisdom.

Our civil institutions no longer work to provide basic protections against evil-doers, but are now filled with those who seek their own advantage, power, wealth and influence, thus corrupting any concept of excellence and example.

The Southern National Congress is here to start a revolution of restoration and revival of what can best be described as lawful institutions which benefit every person… our children and grandchildren deserve it.